Believe that you can change. Set aside the what-ifs and the old excuses. Start to become the person that you know you can be.

Q: What key changes have you made in your life through coaching?

Simone: I have learned to recognise the fears that were holding me back, and to deal with them. I have learned to believe in myself and my abilities. I feel able to make decisions that are right for me. Now I know that I can be and do whatever I set out to do (within reason!).

Q: How did coaching bring about the changes you wanted?

Amanda: Paul’s coaching sessions have empowered me. They enabled me to make decisions, to problem-solve, to be more confident. The effects of coaching are evident in the progress I have made at work.

Q:Give some examples of how coaching helped

Filipe: Paul has supported me in looking at the direction of my professional life – in financial planning and creating goals.
One of my favourite action points, he encouraged me to contact other dance-school owners to ask them questions about their established businesses. This was a great opportunity for me to reach out to well-known people, to learn about their businesses and build relationships. I ended up chatting to the owner of one of the biggest dance schools in the country, and I was invited to film a promotional video with their media department for my own school. Thank you Paul!

Q:What led you to coaching with Paul?

Simone: I entered into a coaching agreement with Paul after being made redundant from a role I’d had for seven years. I recognised that I had some important decisions to make about what to do next. I was a bit lost and found it difficult to make decisions. Everyone says redundancy can present opportunities but it doesn’t feel like an opportunity at the time! It does feel personal!

I found Paul to be incredibility supportive, and above all an extremely good listener.

Paul was able to respond with a number of models to work through that provided the structure I needed. We agreed goals and we worked through exercises. We reviewed progress during each session.

Before I started coaching with Paul I was finding it difficult to ‘break the ceiling limit’, but I have just landed a senior role that sits at the top of my CV. This is where I’ve aspired to be for the past 25 years. Paul’s encouragement and support were key contributors in getting here.
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