About coaching and mentoring

A coach is impartial, objective and non-judgemental.

A coach ‘gets’ you.

A coach helps you to find your happy balance.

Coaching is open and collaborative.

Coaching is confidential.

Coaching is a journey of reflection, discovery and self-awareness, combined with action, motivation and goal orientation.

Coaches can offer mentoring and guidance, as well as acting as a sounding board for bouncing ideas.


Mentoring is very similar to coaching. The main difference is that in mentoring the client is aware of benefiting explicitly from the mentor’s experience.


This is a process that looks at problems or situations in your past or current life that are making it difficult for you to move on. Therapy is provided by trained, supervised individuals within a therapeutic framework, applying a model of such as person-centred or cognitive behavioural counselling or therapy (CBT).

To sum it all up

I offer coaching and, if asked, mentoring when appropriate. In coaching sessions it’s common for discussions to touch on your past as a way to clarify your present situation. This can seem like therapy, but it is not.

If at any point in our coaching sessions I feel that therapy could be a good solution for you, I will raise this with you. This could stop future coaching sessions temporarily, until you’re ready to proceed, or completely.

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