Whats the process?

My sessions are suitable for people who are new to transformational coaching and those who already have experience of supported approaches to change. The sessions adapt to your needs. They include a combination of listening, reflecting and talking, and they use a variety of tools and strategies.

The only requirement is that you are fully committed to change.

My sessions last for 90 minutes, which is longer than many other coaches offer. This extra time gives more opportunity to get to the core issues, and there’s no sense of being rushed.

I offer a complimentary coaching session, to touch briefly on your concerns and to see how we get along. I call this a ‘chemistry call’. As the name implies, it’s a introduction to one another – where we first start to learn about whether and how we might work together.

If we decide that we’d like to move to a first session, we make a booking and take it from there.

A typical example of what happens next could be a set of six sessions where we work on identifying the changes you will make and setting real actionable goals. The practice of actually making changes will begin at the right time for you, in the supported context of the coaching.

Areas where change needs to happen can be clear and straightforward, but this is not always the case and sometimes the specific focus for change emerges gradually in the course of coaching. Whatever the change, as long as you have a strong motivation, we will design a programme of sessions at the right pace for you. I coach with a strong focus on your desire to develop yourself. I will hold you to account. The atmosphere of the sessions is encouraging and supportive, but transformation will only come about if you truly want it.

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