Fathers Support

A key coaching area that I enjoy is Fathers Support.

After a personal experience in my life (with regards to the breakdown of my relationship and access to my daughter), the emotional and mental strain this brings to your life has led me to help fathers who may need a little help/guidance and or support.

What is a Life Coach?  Well in everyday life, people get in a quandary about a certain situation or something is niggling them at the back of your mind.  This is where a Coach can help.  Its a place to go for guidance, support and challenge so that you can figure out what’s in the way of creating the goal you want or to ease the situation you find yourself in.

A Life Coach will be impartial, objective, non judgemental who can offer mentoring and guidance, as well as acting as a sounding board upon which the individual can bounce ideas off.

Through coaching, having the ability to have a non-judgemental conversation with a dad who, ‘gets’ your situation and empathises with it, can genuinely help.

My aim is simple – to help you move from A to B…

Find your happy balance within it all.