Coaching v’s Mentoring v’s Therapy

Coaching is a non-judgmental, open, collaborative and confidential conversation-based approach between coach and client.

To move someone from where they are now to where they want to be.
Along the way, coaching focusing on the client’s own thoughts, challenges, outcomes and goals.

Coaching is a journey of reflection, discovery and self-awareness, combined with action, motivation and goal orientation where required.

Mentoring is very similar to coaching.  The main difference being the client benefits from the Coach’s experience.  Advice is given directly to the client.

This is a process whereby it looks at a particular problem(s) or situation in your past and or current life that does not allow you to move on.  The problem(s) are stopping you from progressing to where you want to be in life.

To sum in all up
All of the above is a grey area.  Whilst being coached, discussions may lead into your past to clarify your current situation.  This may seem like therapy, but it’s not.

I offer coaching, and if asked, mentoring when appropriate.

Through our coaching sessions, as the coach, if I feel that therapy may be a good solution, I will raise this with you.  This may temporarily or completely stop future coaching sessions until you are ready to proceed.